RV Road-Trip Essentials

Renting an RV or buying one outright is one of the best ways through which to approach a road-trip. Not only does it very closely resemble taking a huge chunk of your home comforts with you, it affords you the flexibility to enjoy the great outdoors while complementing that with as much indoor comfort as you may need. Before you start the big baby up and get going though, be sure to remember to pack in some of the bare essentials of an RV road-trip.

A full-tank of gas (and enough re-filling money)

RVs are known gas guzzlers so you’ll need to take off with a full tank of gas to get going. Additionally, make sure you have enough money to re-fill as many times as you need to along the way, topping up as often as you can to avoid the volume loss that’s associate with emptier gas tanks.

Extra bedding

As is the case with the typical regular living arrangements at home, you should be able to dig into some storage space to access any extra betting you may need. RVs are definitely made to offer a bit more space than any other regular mode of travel, but the space is still limited and it can get messy at any time.

It’s no fun being stuck with a having to use a blanket that smells of soda or alcohol.

Comprehensive supply of clean clothing

Even if you plan to have your laundry done during the longer stops along the way, it’s better to have a full supply of fresh clothing you can pop on and carry on with your trip. Besides, laundry is perhaps the last thing you want to have to worry about while on the road and you don’t want to have to contend with some stuffiness.


Make sure to stock up on snacks as you many not find what you’re specifically looking for along the road.

Power banks

Fully-charged power banks can ease the load that will subsequently be put on the RV’s power supply. It helps to lighten the load in this way, even if it may be in the smallest of ways.

Emergency contacts

Make sure to have emergency contact numbers on hand, because it’s just good practice to always prepare for the worst, even though you’ll naturally be taking every precaution necessary.

Camping gear

Packing in camping gear forms part of preparing for the worst. You never know what situation may transpire, perhaps requiring you to sleep outside of the RV for a bit or until emergency personnel arrive on the scene to help you out.

An open mind

The encouragement for you to pack in your camping gear also forms part of willing you to keep an open mind. It might make for some fun to set up camp somewhere along the way as a break from living in such close quarters to your friends and family whom you’re traveling with.

Otherwise keeping in an open mind applies generally as that is how you run into some great adventures along the way on any RV road trip to add to the memory banks!

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