What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Sitting in a filled-up aircraft cabin while waiting for the plane to take off, to the inquisitive traveler and those of us who like to write about our traveling experiences, a lot more goes through our minds than the typical traveler’s likely contemplation of the trip ahead. Recently what went through my mind were the different kinds of travelers in existence.


I wouldn’t say that I’m an outright backpacker, but a huge chunk of what effectively allows me to travel longer and more frequently is indeed traveling like a backpacker. For a number of very legitimate reasons, backpacking is synonymous with budget traveling, but it’s not necessarily a budget traveler who backpacks.

Many travelers who can otherwise comfortably afford lodging in five star hotels and premium resorts cannot help but default to backpacking, simply because it’s more of a matter of a preferred lifestyle than anything else. They enjoy the process of meeting and interacting with fellow travelers from all corners of the globe as they converge in some reasonably-priced to dirt-cheap hostel, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s at all bad.

The backpacker is often the most cunning, street smart, and sometimes even the most resourceful of travelers.

Digital Nomad

A Digital Nomad can actually exist is any one or more of the other types of travelers detailed here. I just thought I’d zone-in on this type of traveler specifically because of the remote earning element. So a Digital Nomad typically has their laptop with them, which acts as their work tool. Some Digital Nomads run businesses remotely, but the point is that they take their work with them wherever they go, which means they can prolong their travels pretty much as long as they want, so long as they can keep generating money to support themselves.

Business Traveler

Business travelers in the conventional sense of the phrase are often actually employees who are sent off on some official company business, as opposed to travelers who are traveling as self-made entrepreneurs or businesspersons. You’ll often find this type of traveler flying Business Class, while entrepreneurs will often fly Economy, unless they deem it absolutely necessary to fly Business or First Class.

Luxury Traveler

Luxury travelers are often very wealthy individuals whose wealth comes from their connections rather than their pure graft and hard work. This is not to say all premium travelers who enjoy the finer side of the travel and tourism industry are MPs and politically connected individuals, however. Either way, luxury travelers spare no expense, often happy to pay way too much for some travel perks which backpackers know how to get for free.

Vacationer (tourist)

The vacationer is the type of traveler who just wants to switch off from their daily grind and enjoy a relaxing time wherever it is the road takes them. You might spot this type of traveler by their distinctly “touristy” behavior, such as perhaps roaming around in tour groups with a camera strap around their neck and a huge smile to go with their often out-of-place clothing.

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