Visiting Las Vegas

There’s a modernized twist to the popular saying attached to Las Vegas, which goes “What happens in Vegas, goes on Instagram.” Of course Instagram is really just a placeholder for whichever social media platforms you’re active on, including your own personal blog or YouTube channel. That’s the unofficial twist though, albeit the original slogan itself is unofficial – “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

That’s very much what it still is to this day and age, as visiting the City of Sin kind of unofficially comes attached with an element of being granted the license to behave really badly and get away with it. Las Vegas is not called Sin City for nothing, as it offers the full complement of vices available, many or all of which can even play out in the comfort of your casino hotel room!

Here’s a quick guide to visiting Las Vegas though, aimed at making sure you only have a good experience and that you don’t ruin your life over an unfounded desire to make a bit of history that won’t really matter to you or anyone else, in the grander scheme of things.

Keep it legal and classy

Remember that as much as Las Vegas is indeed aptly named Sin City, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can commit all manner of crimes and get away with it. Keep it legal and classy. A common misconception is that prostitution is legal, for example, because of how widespread the practice is, but it’s not. It’s illegal specifically in the Las Vegas area as this forms part of the Clark County, but it is indeed legal in some other counties in the State of Nevada.

Other criminal activities people tend to get carried away with include being drunk and disorderly, including driving under the influence as well as all manner of night time vices. Don’t get caught up, because as easy as it is to engage in all these illegal activities, it takes just once for you to get caught and made an example of.

Many different activities to enjoy

Enjoy yourself as much as you can and if you’re all about the vices, there are some ways to make sure you get your complete fill as far as that goes. However, looking beyond (and I guess including these) extravagant casino-hotel high-rises with their bright neon lights can have you in for a really good time engaging in so many other activities Vegas has to offer. You can enjoy some day tours which include the likes of exploring the Hoover Dam as well as a whole range of family-friendly activities.

You can party it up all night or kick-back and relax to recharge the batteries too…Basically you can have ANYTHING you want in abundance if you’re willing to pay for it!

Try your luck

A trip to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without trying your luck and taking your shot at the big time, at least once, so go ahead and hit up the casino gaming floor. Set a limit though and stick to it.

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