Bucket List Destinations

We’re going fully international with this list of destinations to add to your bucket list, with many of these destinations to be added to your particular bucket list no matter what kind of traveler you are. You might not particularly be a big gambler or into the nightlife for instance, but a place like Las Vegas is definitely worth checking out, if only for the experience.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

If you are indeed going to head into the City of Sin to cross the bright neon lights and serious party scene off of your bucket list, why not kill two birds with one stone while at it? Take a road-trip, whether that would be in an RV or perhaps in a classic car. You don’t necessarily have to be the one driving if you want to truly take in the magnificent sights of the vastly different landscapes of the country.

There are so many different routes that lead to Sin City and you don’t necessarily have to take the most direct of these routes.

Once you arrive in Las Vegas proper, a world of entertainment galore awaits, with some great cultural experiences to get lost in as a complement to all the obvious, adult fun.

Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Look, because of its proximity to the Middle East, Egypt is in no way some kind of air travel hub, so you never quite get a scenario which has you in Cairo with some time to kill. That means you’d never really find yourself resolving to quickly go and check out the Great Pyramids of Giza as the only activity on something like a layover.

It might as well make for something similar to that though with any visit to Cairo, Egypt, because as far as it goes with our history as human beings, does it get any more authentic than the Great Pyramids of Giza? The reason why you might just want to do a quick in-and-out trip specifically to see the Great Pyramids is perhaps because of the political instability which partly manifests as religious flare-ups as well.

Otherwise this is definitely a bucket list destination.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

It wouldn’t be a simple case of just seeing the unique, flat-top mountain itself with your visit to Cape Town, in South Africa, to cross Table mountain off your bucket list. There are plenty of bucket list activities in and around the greater Cape Town area, such as the highest bungee-jumping point in the entire world – Bloubergstrand.

New York, United States of America

There are people who live out their entire lives in the iconic City of New York, with pretty much everything they need to live a full life contained within the county limits. From the television-popularized yellow taxi cabs to the many different dining and other entertainment options available, New York should probably be added to one’s bucket list for a real-world experience of a city that has done more than its fair bit to shape popular culture.

There are many specific themes which you could plan your specific bucket list visit around.


Admittedly, this would probably be a one-day trip, but Monaco should definitely make for a bucket list destination for any kind of traveler. Get up-close-and-personal with extreme opulence in witnessing what is probably the richest little place on earth. The super yachts lining the coast would probably be enough to motivate you to keep working hard so that you can visit more places around the world. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that your ultimate dream is to reside in a place like Monaco, if not Monaco itself…

United Arab Emirates

Dubai in particular is fast becoming the tourist destination of choice, simply because of the UAE’s concerted efforts to establish the country as the destination of the 21st Century and beyond. With the construction of a life-sized replica of pretty much all the famous landmarks in the famous destinations around the world, the UAE is fast becoming the bucket list dream destination.

What this means is that because of the manner through which all that oil money is being channeled into tourism, very soon if you’re something like an adventure traveler, you won’t need to go anywhere else to cross off every last item on your bucket list!