How Frequent Travelers Fund their Travels

Unless you’re extremely loaded and you think that other fellow travelers who manage to travel frequently and for prolonged periods of time are even more loaded than you are, our exploration of how frequent travelers fund their travels below should give you a fair idea of a different, perhaps more efficient approach to traveling as a lifestyle. Frequent travelers fund their travels in many different ways.

They save up

Well the travel money has to come from somewhere, right? Just like the typical full-time employee who takes one or two vacations annually, frequent travelers also build up some savings with which they’re to kick-start their travels. The only difference is that they don’t plan on blowing everything in one go and then find themselves having to come back and do it all over again.

They stretch their savings

Now, since frequent travelers save up some money so that they can kick-start their travels instead of just going on a yearly vacation, one would think that they save up loads of money. That’s not necessarily the case, because frequent travelers always seek to stretch their savings. That means staying in accommodation that’s cheaper than what the typical vacationer would choose, such as backpacking in hostels or staying in the equivalent of motels or budget hotels.

They stretch their savings in other ways too, like eating where the locals eat to enjoy cheaper prices.

They use travel loyalty and rewards programs

It would be almost impossible for even the most loaded of frequent travelers to sustain their regular, prolonged travels without making use of travel loyalty and rewards programs. Trust me, racking up points by consistently booking with one specific online accommodation booking platform can come in handy and land you something like a couple of free nights in a qualifying hotel. You can also benefit from vastly reduced airfare in the same way (booking regularly with a certain flight scanning travel agency).

They travel in groups

If a frequent traveler is rolling solo then at some point they’ll take the opportunity to join a travel group, whether formally or informally, as this vastly reduces the costs associated with many aspect of traveling.

They plan their trips strategically

A frequent traveler is well-versed in details such as when peak-travel season is and when the corresponding low-season would be, so as to plan their trip strategically. If you travel to Southeast Asia during the supposed rainy season for example, you can get a room for up to 80% off of the regular list price! The same goes for flights!

They earn a living remotely

If this list was in any order then earning a living remotely would have been atop it. It’s not in any particular order though, so in conclusion it’s perhaps mentioning one of the increasingly popular ways through which frequent travelers fund their travels, which of course is generating an income remotely. The term Digital Nomads has been referred to quite a lot to describe those travelers who earn their living remotely and can therefore prolong their travels.

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