It’s very seldom that someone who jumps online to read up about a topic they’re particularly interested in would want to leave it at that, which is why we have opened up the communication channels. You can get in touch with Know That Place to add your two-cents worth, whether you seek to do so informally via something like a mere comment or suggestion, or if you want to make a formal contribution in the form of a request to submit a guest post or have any valuable, topic-related resource featured.

How to get in touch with us

The best way to get in touch with us is by filling in the contact form here on the blog, but you can also send me an email or hit us up on any one of the social media platforms you might have spotted us on. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, whatever the reason or motivation may be. We truly appreciate all correspondence, even if it’s just an acknowledgement of some useful information you might have found here and have since implemented to make your travel life easier or that much more enjoyable.

Your correspondence is welcomed and appreciated

Since this blog is more than just another travel blog, evolving as more of a resource for all the good things that have to do with travel as a lifestyle, we encourage and welcome your correspondence. If you feel as if you have something of value to add, we’re particularly looking to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It’s all good and well keeping track of the growing and rather impressive Daily Active User numbers on our Google Analytics, but when even one of our readers takes the time to make contact then it humanizes what are otherwise those cold, hard numbers! So even if nobody gets in touch with you in response, rest assured that we have read your correspondence and it was much appreciated.

General Editorial Guidelines

Although the demographic we cater to is that which encompasses people who have an interest in travel in general, what we’ve found is that our readers are typically well-educated and/or well-read and they appreciate a little bit of artistry to the content published. As a result, we almost never just publish resource-type lists that are overly technical in nature. These are no-doubt very useful, but then that wouldn’t make accessing them here any different to running a Google search, albeit you’d probably have to sift through a lot of junk and promotional material that way.

So, what I’m trying to say is that we do not publish boring content that is impersonal. Our readers prefer a little bit of a personal experience thrown into the mix, like something like how you felt when you missed your flight for which you had not checked the “flexible dates” option, in addition to what you did to solve the problem, of course.

Contributions we generally accept for publication or feature

So, in terms of the contributions we generally accept for consideration to be published or featured here, it must be well-written, informative content which has clear links to the travel and tourism sector. A little bit of a personal touch is required as well, but this can be worked-in in an engaging manner if our editorial staff feel that it’s best not to include personally identifiable information or if that’s how you feel yourself.

Also flip through the published posts so that you are sure the topic you want to cover hasn’t already been covered. If it has been covered, it may still get accepted if you have a little bit of a different spin on things or you have something of significance to add.

Are you a travel blogger or writer?

We particularly love it when travel writers or bloggers who already have their own blogs or publish their material through other means get in touch to enquire about contributing. This is because should your proposal not be accepted, you can still go ahead and publish it on your own blog!

A little bit of housekeeping

Please don’t submit fully completed write-ups. First get in touch to perhaps propose a topic so that if we require that content at that specific time, we can map out a way forward together.