Things to do in Southeast Asia

Have you ever wondered why so many travelers of all classes fly from all corners of the world to descend upon the popular Southeast Asian region? Well, you would have probably guessed right in saying that the biggest reason driving its popularity is indeed its affordability. Not only are flights generally cheap, due to the frequency with which they can be made available, accommodation and life in general is more than affordable.

While you’re in the likes of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and even Malaysia, here’s what you should try and experience, specifically…


Don’t ever be made to feel bad about effectively flying across the world just to kick-back and relax, because you can come away from a Southeast Asian vacation feeling recharged and rejuvenated, ready to get back to the regular grind. They know how to cater to the traveler who needs a break in that part of the world, but you should probably immerse yourself in it fully with an occasional massage as well.

Hit the beach(es)

Pack a picnic and spend the entire day at the beach. There are many great beaches to enjoy all through Southeast Asia, with the “worst” of them still offering a great beach experience. Alternate your time between relaxing some more and perhaps engaging in one of the many casual beachside activities that are usually on the go, such as enjoying the fresh seafood prepared to some tunes of music you can get down to.

Meet new people

If you stick to the super-touristy spots then most of the people you’ll interact with are those who contribute to what has essentially become a far-flung melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Some great new friends can be made, otherwise most of the locals you’d come into contact with in these specific areas are likely just working, but they’re human too and they probably have a lot to offer beyond their professional interaction with you.

Beachside activity

If you want to get a little bit more serious about your beachside activity, then you can immerse yourself on a deeper level than just casually taking part in the free-for-all entertainment like the music. Go para-saling for instance, or if you time your visit right, you can enjoy some beginner surfing lessons and the likes. Go on a cruise to the neighboring islands perhaps and enjoy some snorkeling.

Cultural experiences

If you’re looking for specifically local cultural experiences beyond the evolved culture that’s naturally emerging on account of S.E. Asia being somewhat of a global melting pot, talk to the locals about where you can go to perhaps even take part in some local customs rituals. The best of these can be experienced a fair bit away from the pure tourist destinations, though.

Local cuisine

The Southeast Asian region is as gastronomically diverse as it is culturally diverse, with the likes of Thailand in particular offering rich and spicy tastes that are synonymous with specific regions, but are available throughout the country and throughout the entire S.E. Asian region.

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