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As with many other lists which involve any specific aspect of the traveling experience, this particular list of the best shopping destinations from around the world is subjective. I’m only sharing it from my own experiences and from my point of view, however, so I hope you’ll appreciate it either way.

Keep in mind that it does indeed depend on which country you’re coming from in the first place and also exactly what it is you’re looking to purchase.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Many true travelers who seek the cultural experience when traveling might write Dubai off as being devoid of its own true culture, simply because the entire UAE is in essence trying to shape itself as a travel destination that caters to all the modern day delectations. If you’re looking for some shopping however, then this is your place!

Generally travelers don’t really get all that much value out of buying frivolous stuff at the duty-free malls of the international airports they pass through, except if you go to Dubai’s duty-free mall! You’ll get more than just souvenir t-shirts and the likes of fragrances. Some serious shopping can be done at great prices!

Paris, France

You’d go shopping in France if you want some high-quality in the latest fashion items as well as things like perfumes and cologne. It probably isn’t worth flying all the way there though, but if you’re in the area then why not?

Rome, Italy

Perhaps going one-up on Paris, France, Rome, Italy will have you buying pretty much the same latest fashion items as you can get in Paris, except at a considerably cheaper price. This is thanks in part to the financial crisis that has hit the area, but Rome, just like Paris, will probably always be known for its fashion.

Cairo, Egypt

Forget the Mall of Arabia or clichéd shopping spots such as those when you visit Egypt! Sure, you might have to pay a bit more for the authenticity, but this authenticity comes with quality when you’re looking for things like some material for garments, some carpets, bed linen and original fragrance oils.

Since the Arab Spring there’s been a bit of a financial crisis though, so you might have to negotiate hard with vendors who are clearly out to make a sale.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco gets a mention as a great shopping destination if you’re looking for electronics. Avoid shopping right within the Silicon Valley region, because there prices are inflated for EVERYTHING. Otherwise electronics such as a MacBook are much cheaper in the USA than the import price at which you’d get them in pretty much all other countries.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is also great for electronics shopping, especially since companies such as Samsung, which hail from that specific location, specifically target the lower to mid-range markets. Fun fact – the screens which go into iPhones are manufactured by Samsung, so I guess you can sort of see where I’m going with this. You’ll definitely get some good deals on the latest electronics in Seoul, some of which come from other regional locations, such as Japan and China.

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