Best US holidays

I guess I risk trying to cover pretty much all which the USA has to offer by way of holiday destinations, because of the fact that I know just how subjective lists such as these can be. Like that’s even possible though?!

Anyway, as far as it goes with the best US holidays to enjoy, it really depends on what you like specifically. There are many different types of travelers and just because two travelers for example could both be classed into one group, i.e. a couple of friends who like to backpack, that still doesn’t meant their list of what would constitute the ideal getaway would be anywhere near being the same. Nevertheless, from the point of view of someone who loves exploring the country locally as much as I love jetting off to faraway places abroad, here are some of what I think would make the best US holidays.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is the spot if your requisite US holiday fun is of the amusement park persuasion. We could talk about the Walt Disney Resort by itself here, but even then we’d need to delve a little deeper because this iconic resort hosts multiple theme parks, each with their own unique flavor to offer. One such theme park is that of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which makes for some fun for the whole family as it offers a peek behind the scenes of fun action, live shows and may thrill-a-minute attractions in the typical style of Hollywood.

Magic Kingdom is another option, perhaps catering more to the kids than the adults, but even the oldest amongst us today perhaps has some kind of relationship with the fairy tales that are central to the entertainment and attractions contained in this particular theme park.

Orlando, Florida is also home to SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, making it the go-to destination in the US if you’re seeking the many thrills associated with amusement parks.

New York City

New York City is just one of those international destinations which is found near the top of all travelers’ bucket lists, isn’t it? For international visitors in particular, it makes for somewhat of a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the lifestyle often depicted in movies and on television, most of which is just the everyday life of ordinary New Yorkers as well as migrants from all corners of the globe who come to the City That Never Sleeps to hustle!

To give you an idea of what New York has to offer, it would take more than an entire lifetime to dine at a different restaurant for each of your three daily meals – and that’s just the restaurants!

I’m reluctant to start mentioning the many attractions on offer, such as the Statue of Liberty, because an entire book can be written about what New York has to offer as one of the best US holiday destinations to visit.

Some beach action

If your ideal holiday places a great emphasis on blue skies, palm trees, white sandy beaches and all the seaside fun to go with, as far as US destinations go you’d probably want to head to Florida, which comes into focus once again. Clearwater Beach is the specific destination, whether you just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings or if you want to engage in the hundreds of activities to enjoy, both on or near the beach, and in the surrounding areas.

Hawaii comes into view as another option, which of course is off-shore the mainland, but it’s part of the United States nonetheless. Maui Island comes into focus in particular, with this making for the ideal destination for a US holiday driven by some water sports fun and straight up beach-side relaxation. To get even more specific, one of the best of these beaches on this island is Ka’anapali Beach.

Honorable mentions

Again, these lists are indeed subjective, so these honorable mentions by way of some options for the best US holidays could very well make for the absolutely ideal option each for you or any other traveler. Either way, I’d mention the likes of Las Vegas, a road-trip along the iconic Route 66 perhaps, Chicago, and many, many more.