The Tropical Islands of the Indian Ocean

Most of us who have resolved to travel the world find very little to no value out of watching television, but a lot of inspiration for your next travel destination can be extracted out of such TV shows that air on channels like the Travel Channel. Otherwise for the most part it appears as if many of the cable TV channels are just included in the bouquet to give off the impression that it’s a lot more valuable than what it really is.

That’s certainly how I felt when flicking through the channels on one occasion, only to come across one particular sporting channel that was screening some regional sports games which involve the countries making up the island nations of the Indian Ocean. This turned out not to be so useless after all, because it was then that I discovered some new travel destinations to add to by bucket list, which I would have otherwise not known about, probably.

There are some hidden gems too and I’ve gone on to learn that they’re not as expensive as it may appear at face-value. Of course you can find five-star hotels and resorts in any travel destination you visit, but even in places like the Seychelles enjoying some of the most beautiful tropical scenery is something you can definitely make happen. With that, lets’ get right into the discussion of these tropical islands of the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles

I personally think this is the most beautiful place on earth. Just Google Seychelles and click on Google Images and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Honeymooners and once-in-a-lifetime vacationers go here, usually sparing no expense at what is typically a very expensive, premium destination to visit.

The Maldives

Another very beautiful set of Indian Ocean islands is that of the Maldives! You won’t want to stay on the main island though, because there is literally no space for leisurely holiday activities like going to the beach. A ferry to one of the other islands will do, but make no mistake about the fact that it won’t be a cheap getaway.


While you can definitely find some really expensive accommodation in Mauritius, generally for the type of quality you get in tropical island getaways, Mauritius is extremely affordable! This affordability takes absolutely nothing away from the great beauty you’ll get to bask in, with that slow-living island vibe as palpable as the warm island breeze which is refreshingly cool in some places along the coast.

Reunion Islands

Truth be told, Reunion should perhaps be mentioned with the other Indian Ocean Island nations which include Madagascar, Comoros, and Mayotte. Perhaps with the exception of Madagascar, which is not really considered to be a typical, tropical-type island nation, these other Indian Ocean island nations would perhaps be a stretch to try and tout as tourist destinations. You’d be headed to any of these for a specific reason. If you visit Mauritius for instance, you’ll find a lot of holidaymakers from the Reunion islands there as well.

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