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Are you an avid globetrotter? Then the World map Wall Decal from Walldesign56 is perfect for you! With this decal you can easily create an original wall decal with that personal touch.

Original world map

Many travelers like to hang up a world map at their homes. It gives them the opportunity to reflect back to their travels and the places they visited, but it also helps them to get inspired by new locations. At Walldesign 56, you can buy your own original world map wall decal which is designed in just one color. There are no borders, cities, rivers or anything else printed on the decal which results in an austere design that is pleasing to the eye.

A wall decal in different colors

A nice addition is that the wall decal is available in five different colors: black, white, red, brown and gray. Thanks to the color options, you’ll always find one that fits in your interior. By choosing a color that contrasts well with the wall’s color or by painting the wall in a prominent color, the wall decal will become the eye catcher in the room!


Use pinpoints to personalize your world map

The world map wall decal comes with a set of 40 pinpoint stickers which you can use to personalize your map. Use the pinpoints to show which place you have visited or which countries are on your bucket list. Thanks to the large format of the wall decal, it measures a large 170×90 centimeters, you’ll have all the room you need to pin down your pinpoints

Pinpoints in different colors

Not only the world map wall decal itself but the pinpoints too come in different colors so you can choose which of the 14 colors you think fit the map’s color best. Need more than 40 pinpoints? No problem, you can easily order an extra set! Or you can order a new set in a different color so you can show which cities you have already visited and which ones are next on your list.

Wall decal “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Looking for ways to further personalize your wall decal? Combine your world map with other wall decals, like the wall decal containing the quote “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. With the wall decal made available by Walldesign 56 you can easily make your own personalized world map decal.

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