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The most important piece of equipment for an adventerous journey is a good pair of walking shoes. No matter where you, closeby or far away, into the wild or a citytrip, the most important piece of luggage are the best walking shoes for your individual feet. Daily walking has also been scientifically proven to improve several health functions including libido (yes yes), improve sleep, provide energy throughout the day and enhance your mood But for us travelers, shoes mainly have to provide comfort need that bit of extra quality to them.

Nathalie and myself checked on some shoes for our planned travel to Germany and Denmark, so we asked around to a lot of fellow travellers and more sporty friends. These came out as the best shoes for a decent price! Most of them are available online on well known webshops. You can chek the current prices by clicking on the images!


Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

The Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 are available for both men and women. These shoes are perfect for people who choose walking over any other type of exercise. The basic colors and print keep things classy without looking as though they’re meant for an older crowd. Unlike other models that promote running, these are specifically created for lower impact activities. And it pays of in comfort.

Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe ASICS Women's GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

The mesh upper, which is unusual in a straightforward walking shoe, helps in both ventilation and comfort even if you’re walking all day. The Impact Guidance System makes it so that this shoe automatically adjusts to your personal gait. The well places gel cushioning systems in the heel and forefoot of the sole absorb shocks and reduce foot stress. They even have 3M reflective stripes for extra safety and security. For the price, these ASICS walkers are a true gem. Possibly the most comfortable walking shoe for a normal budget out there!

Skechers Shape Ups 2.0

Skechers-shape-ups-2-0Skechers Shape Ups 2.0 take comfort to a whole new level.The Shape Up technology have earned their place as an every comfort shoe that is ideal to take on any of your travels. These Skechers were specifically made for walking and other low impact fitnes. Thanks to to the breathable mesh that envelop the polyurethane cage, this shoe feels like walking on clouds. The Shape Ups 2.0 comes in an original design and many fun colors that will fit your style.

Skechers-Shape-Ups-2-0-Fashion-SneakerThe Skechers Shape Ups 2.0 are widely considered as one of the best walking shoes for 2016. The padded tongues, breathing mesh, and memory foam are what makes these Shape Ups a top contender for that title. The Skechers are also very useable for hiking and long nature walks. Because the Shape Ups have the rocker bottom design, it will provide you with that necessary boost of energy. The design will also take pressure of your back and the grip treading ensures you will be steady on your feet on any terrain.


Skechers Go Walk 3 Walking Shoe

Another top model from Skechers is the Skechers Go Walk 3 walking shoe. This shoe is a slip-on which is a bit unusual since we mostly identify good walking shoes with the traditional lace-ups. However, this design is so lightweight that it gives the impression with a comfy casual shoe with the comfort, and weatherproofing of a high end walking shoe. The shoe has a pull-on heel hoop so they are super easy to put on. The Skechers Go Walk 3 absorp impact thanks to it’s special goga pillar memory foam and the cushioned heel shows that this walking shoe can handle any type of walking, including on outdoors rugged terrain.

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3There are both male and female options available and a range of colors. Sizes don’t come in just the classic sizes but there are also wider sizes available. So for every foot there’s a perfectly fitting Skechers Go Walk 3. These shoes are available since 2015 but now in 2016 they are one of the best selling shoes on the market! Need to say more?



Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

The Rockport Men’s is a lot more classic than the Skechers, but it’s an all time classic still very popular with modern men who choose this footwear for it’s high quality. The model has many benefits still making it one of the best walking shoes available in 2016. The high quality leather is water resistant and is available in different classy colors. It also come with diffirent optional finishes like suede and pebbled leather.

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

These walking shoes work with casual wear but they are also useable for business and office attire. The shoe has well balanced cushioning and good shock absorption. The sole is extremely durable. Anyway, the Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic is a breeze to walk on. Perfect for business trips and city trips and easily one of the best walking shoes 2016.


Reebok Daily Cushion 3.0 Walking Shoe

Reebok’s Daily Cushion 3.0 is, as it’s name suggest, an improved version of the 2.0 which already was an excellent walking shoe. The Daily Cushion 3.0 however delivers the high expectations. The model comes in a womens and mens version and come in a sporty look. The shoe doesn’t work so well with casual gear but is perfect to use with more sporty attire.

Reebok Daily Cushion 3The Reebok Daily Cusion 3.0 comes in both white and black. The women and men are almost identicl but have a slightly different shape. However, the insame comfort of this walking shoe is it’s strongest point. The support and fit, half sizes are available, is the main reason buyer’s rank this shoe amongst the best of 2016. The low cut silhouette, padding and shock absorpation is so good that is even provides therapeutic arch support. Great stuff.