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Travel and Visit likes to share you some information about the beautiful Koh Samui.

Ko Samui is one of the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand. The picturesque island is renown its perfect beaches, mountainous rainforests, posh hotels and world class night clubs.

With so many things to do in Ko Samui it is nearly impossible to narrow it down to a simple top ten list but here goes!

Wat Plai Laem
This quaint temple is lined with colourful Buddhas and set on a Ko Samui’s loveliest lake. It’s a good place for a stroll and an introduction to Thai culture.

Angthong National Marine Park
When you are ready to get active, head to Angthong National Marine Park. From snorkelling to kayaking to trekking, there’s something for everyone. And, if you can make it to the top of the hill, you’ll get a breathtaking view of Emerald Lake.

Maenam Beach
For a quiet and calm place to get away from it all, go to Maenam Beach. Lounge in the sun for the afternoon then watch the sunset while you get a traditional Thai massage.

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
Take the slow boat out to this amazing national park. Trek up the hill and take photos of the tropical paradise that peaks out from every corner.

Big Buddha Temple
One of the best known landmarks in Ko Samui, The Big Buddha (as known as Wat Phra Yai) is a must-see. You can get a glimpse of this impressive shrine from a quite a distance but to really take in the full glory of it all, get up close and personal.

kahsamiu2Photo by guavaphotos.com

Chaweng Boxing Stadium
A staple of Thai culture, no visit to Thailand is complete without taking in a Thai boxing match. There is no better place around than the Chaweng Boxing Stadium. Spend an evening with the locals and get to know the fascinating culture surrounding Thai boxing.

Secret Buddha Garden
Head to the middle of Ko Samui island to take in this fascinating garden. Wander through the hundreds of sculptures that were handmade by one single man.

Na Muang Waterfall
A short distance from Nathon Bay, the Na Muang falls are one of the most stunning sights on Ko Samui island. Hike through the park until you reach the falls then splash around under the hot afternoon sun.

Aow Leuk Beach
This is one of the quietest beaches you’ll find in Ko Samui and you could easily pass a few afternoons here. Bring your snorkeling gear and grab a sumptuous seafood dinner after you have explored the water.

Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks
The Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks, also known as Hin Yai/Hin Ta, are the stuff of local legend. It’s well worth the trip just to get some classic silly pics.


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