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Being an active person means spending some money on gear and since one of the all-time favorite activities is hiking, backpacks are highly appreciated. Going out in the nature can be relaxing but it can also be a nightmare without a reliable backpack that can carry all the extras because nobody wants to go on a trail without at least some food, water and other basic commodities. All these items cannot be carried by hand but backpack will surely fulfill this role. Out of all the models available only 10 made it to our list. Here are the top 10 best hiking backpacks in 2016.

5. Paladineer Hiking Backpack and Hiking Daypack

Paladineer-Hiking-Backpack-and-Hiking-DaypackThe Paladineer Hiking daypack and backpack is an excellent all-purpose model that offers plenty of storage space and functionality. It has a 40 liter capacity and a simple design that makes it rugged and durable. It has multiple pockets on the back and two water bottle mesh holders on the sides as well as an extra chest strap. It offers a comfortable experience even when fully loaded and it is quite affordable.




4. Mozone Packable Hiking Daypack

Mozone-Packable-Hiking-DaypackThe Mozone hiking backpack is an excellent pick for the ones that need something ergonomic and practical. It is a 40 liter capacity model with a foldable design and a waterproof construction. The model comes with padded shoulder straps and several exterior pockets. Due to its design it manages to prevent the user from having a sweaty back and can accommodate all the required gear for a night out camping in the middle of the nature.




3. Everest Hiking Pack

Everest-Hiking-PackEverest hiking backpack was designed for the ones that need something affordable and large enough to carry a heavy load. It is made of waterproof polyester that is highly resistive to abrasion and comes with padded shoulder straps. The model has two large side pockets and a large main compartment that offers more than enough space even for the ones that do not like to pack light.




2. Naturehike Outdoor Hiking Backpack

Naturehike-Outdoor-Hiking-BackpackNaturehike hiking backpack is an affordable and compact model that offers modest storage space but comes with a convenient design that makes it feel comfortable even when fully loaded. It is extremely lightweight and uses padded shoulder straps for added comfort. The model has mesh material padding on the back o allow air to ventilate and it is made of a waterproof nylon fabric that will protect the items stored inside from getting wet.



1. Teton Sports Scout 3400

Teton-Sports-Scout3400The Scout 3400 from Teton Sports is an excellent companion for serious hikers. It has a 55 liter capacity and comes with a solid construction with waterproof polyester and an internal frame that protects the items stored inside. The model comes with multiple external pockets and mesh water holders as well as padded shoulder straps and an additional chest strap.




Choosing a hiking backpack means having a good idea of how much storage is needed. The capacity of hiking backpacks can vary a lot and it is not closely related to their price. All the models listed in our top 10 are considered of superior quality and come from all price range categories. Everyone should be able to find exactly what they are looking for in our top 10 hiking backpack list.